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  1. E-learning - Companies throughout the world are under increased pressure to achieve more productivity out of every employee and greater return on their software investments. Official Microsoft E-Learning can help companies meet these demands in a flexible, cost-effective way. Our solutions help provide customers with the necessary early readiness, just-in-time online training, and skills to help optimize their adoption and use of Microsoft technologies, leading to higher productivity and return on investment (ROI).
  2. Hosting i. Cappuccino 300MB Ksh. 3450, Features , Ideal for 10 Email a/c, SME companies
    ii. Espresso 500MB Ksh. 4950,Ideal for 20 Emails A/cs, Midsize Companies
    iii. Macchiato 1000 MB Ksh.9950 Unlimited Emails , For Corporate Clients
  3. ERP and Document Management Software- Our Software product suite, Crystal e-Business Systems (CEBS) ERP, has been designed to run on the web for easy LAN and WAN deployment. The systems have been designed using Oracle and PHP programming tools. The databases used are Oracle (9i and 10g) and MySQL, and we also offer reliable database migration to accommodate other databases.
  4. Enterprise Back-up Software- Offers Enterprises a comprehensive solution to centrally manage backup and restore across complex, distributed environments, while optimizing their IT infrastructure with integrated data Deduplication.
    Scalable to meet the needs of distributed network infrastructures.
    Centralized management of onsite and offsite machines saves time and expense.
    Enhanced administration improves security and data confidentiality.