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Software is our core business: we offer a wide range of Software Systems and Value Added resellers of proven and tested world class enterprise applications. The list below shows some our flagship products.
A.Software Products

  • IoT Sensors: Remote Monitoring Solutions and Wireless Sensing, allowing you to monitor your business or home from anywhere.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning E.R.P- We developed comprehensive business management software for any type of business. Our solutions are module based. Our Financial Software we customized is Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains.
  • Enterprise Back-Up Solution: We are the appointed resellers of the Acronis Back –up software for doing automatic enterprise back-up, System Restore and Recovery solutions.
  • Sacco Software Solution – Starcom Sacco Management Software jointly developed by Tecc Savvy Ltd and CyberTrek Digital Communications.
  • File/Paper Digitization Solution System: Tecc Savvy Ltd is a local representative and integrator of M-FILES Document management Software. This is Document management software which allows for central management of document in departments of an organization. It mobilizes the document to reduce search times and secures it.
  • Retail management system POS: This is an integrated Point of Sales system and inventory Management system. It takes care of re-order level, production of LPO, GRN, and Issuance of goods among others. It is able to issue customized Receipts and Invoices.
  • Fixed Asset System: We do assets tags which a tamper proof. Bar-coded Asset tags for a company fixed assets. This is asset control software for managing Asset depreciation.

B.Network Infrastructure Products

  • We supply fiber optic Consumables and Testing equipments namely on order:
  • Connectors
  • Adaptors- RJ and NIC, Switches,Hubs,Routers
  • Fiber Cable and Accessories
  • Cable Management.
  • Attenuator.
  • Laboratory and Component
  • Polarization Maintaining Product
  • viii.Splice Products
  • Tools and Consumables